Welcome to the next phase in the launch process of Oregon Animation and your first look at what’s been cooking.

The idea behind this endeavor is to create a connection between people who want to work in stop motion and those who are managing productions and need unique talent. It is a community built on a common passion for animation using the vernacular of the industry. Funding will come from memberships and initial support from Oregon Film.

This isn’t a job portal for everyone. It’s for a collection of specialized artists, craftspeople, production experts, editors, composers, camera people… everyone who is involved in animation projects. It’s about building community for an industry that is rapidly growing in Oregon.

OregonAnimation is also for recruiters, producers or dreamers who need to find the perfect person for a project. From stop-motion social media content to feature films, employers can search for specific talents. Need someone who can make tiny cakes for a photo shoot? Or an animator who can give pickles personality? This is the platform.

OregonAnimation isn’t just for Oregon either. In the future, the goal is to grow this community beyond borders and connect people working in animation around the world. First, though, let’s build a community in the best place to make stop motion – Oregon. Please send any questions or suggestions to: info@oregonanimation.com