About OregonAnimation.com

A  job center dedicated to bringing the Oregon animation community together and creating opportunities in the Animation space.

What is Oregon Animation?

OregonAnimation.com is a site exclusively created for the animation community to connect job seekers with opportunities. For Job Seekers, it is the place to post information, images and links to your reel. For Recruiters, teachers and producers looking for talent… OregonAnimation.com will be a resource to find the best talent in the stop-motion industry.

Additionally, in an effort to streamline the connectivity of the animation work happening in the state, Oregon Animation is currently being offered completely free to both job seekers and employers as a free community service.

With generous support from Oregon Film

Oregon Film is a semi-independent, state agency with a mission to promote, support and advance the film, video, interactive, animation and creative content industries within the state, by fostering and creating connections between production, businesses and the public, and strengthening this industry’s profile and reputation locally, nationally and internationally. Oregon Film acts as the official voice of the production industry in Oregon.